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Polished, Expanded, and Refined

10 additional Servants join an all-new storyline, which plays out across beautiful, dynamic stages in a symphony of color and flash.  Players can enjoy the action with the original Japanese voice-overs and English subtitles.

More Customization Than Ever

Customize each Servant with a suite of new, personalized attack moves called Active Skills. Plow through the easier difficulties head-on, or take advantage of the detailed statistical menus and vast customization options to prepare for greater challenges.

All-New Multiplayer Mode

Find out which Servant would really come out on top in brand-new multiplayer team battles.  Gather a team of four allied Servants, customize them, and send them into glorious combat against rival teams!

A Heartfelt, Pulse-Pounding Adventure

Woven into the action is a genuinely moving story - not just about historical figures hitting each other, but about taking joy in the life we're given and the dreams we strive for, even when those dreams, or those lives, fall short.

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